Welcome.  We advertised online in hopes of getting your attention making you aware that there is truly an all-natural solution that can help you with your digestive issues. If you just started down your research path you will see that probiotics are consistently recommended as an option to help with your digestive issue, even by the most reputable Gastroenterologists. If you're further along in your journey, you know this to be true, and if you've tried a recommend probiotic that didn't help; you may be discovering that not all probiotics are created equal. Let us show you why ours are vastly different first hand without any risk. In fact, it's DOUBLE RISK FREE!

Whether you start with Natren's Life Start probiotic recommendations below, or contact one of our in-house probiotic consultants for a FREE no obligation consultation, we are so confident that our probiotics can help you that we will let you use them RISK FREE for 90-days. If they do not help, to your total satisfaction, we will gladly give you every penny of the purchase price back, and since probiotics are natural healthy bacteria you have NO RISK of any chemical side effects.

Why are we willing to do this? It's simple, because at Natren we don't just sell probiotics....we sell results!

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Natren's Guide to Probiotics for the Whole Family:

New to Probiotics - Start Here:
Natren's Life Start line of probiotics offers an ideal starting place for just about anyone, regardless of age, sex, or sensitivities. The Life Start line is offered in 3 versions, they all feature the same beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium infantis NLS super strain) but each are grown in unique ways.  We are the only probiotic company in the world that manufactures and sells this unique probiotic bacteria B. infantis NLS super strain. (1) Life Start - we'll refer to this as original; (2) Life Start 2; and (3) Life Start Vegan.

The key differences between the Life Start options are the growth medium (used to grow the bacteria) and the delivery method (capsules vs. loose powders):

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Life Start
Cow's Milk Loose Powder (1.25, 2.5, and 4.5 oz options.)

Excellent for all who are dairy tolerant.


Great for families, larger size available.

Life Start 2
Goat's Milk

Capsules (60, 90 count.)


Loose Powder (2.5 oz or 4.5 oz options.)

Adults tend to prefer ease of capsules


Great for families, larger size options.

Life Start Vegan
Organic Brown Rice Loose Powder (1.25 oz.)

Great for anyone with dairy allergies

Adults tend to prefer Life Start 2 because it's available in a convenient capsule form. On the other hand, Mom's with little ones tend to prefer any of the powdered options because the powders are easy to stir into breast milk, smoothies, yogurt, applesauce, etc. for little ones to consume. Since bacteria thrive so well on a dairy base we always suggest using our dairy based options if dairy tolerance is not an issue for you, Life Start original. However, if you have issues with Cow's Milk you may be surprised that you do just fine on the gentle Goat's Milk formula (Life Start 2). If you have a known dairy intolerance, stick with Life Start Vegan. All of these options are Gluten Free, Soy Free, contain no GMOs or FOS and are the only probiotic products that strictly adhere to the probiotic labeling standards.

Sensitive Gut?

Anyone with a sensitive gut should order a powdered version because these are easiest to scale up and down to meet the needs of the individual. We've had people start with as little as 1/16th of a teaspoon and gradually work up to standard serving size of ¼ - ½ of a teaspoon.

Clinical Trial Support

The probiotic bacteria used in all of our Life Start line of supplements is supported by a randomized, human clinical trial that was published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in 2013.1 The three week trial tested our B. infantis NLS super strain in people with specific gut issues and reported the following results:

  • Scientifically significant improvement in two symptoms and almost significant improvement in a third symptom as reported by the Gastrointestinal Syndrome Rating Scale (GSRS) questionnaire:
    • Indigestion : significant improvement
    • Constipation : significant improvement
    • Reflux : approaching significant improvement
  • More than 70% of participants reported improvements in regards to distension, bloating and gas in the probiotic group versus 30% in the placebo group.
  • The probiotic group also showed promising reductions in important immune system changes associated with gut disturbances.
  • Following completion of the clinical trial scientists later published additional results from biopsies in a journal supplement outlining additional results and indicating Life Start probiotics may play an important role in improving small intestine dysbiosis.2

Have Questions? We're Here to Help!

Healthy powerful Natren probiotic bacteria are vastly more complex and intelligent than the heavily advertised, mass market brands want you to believe. If you think you're ready for a stronger, hand crafted probiotic, Natren offers numerous options. We suggest that you schedule a free consult with one of our probiotic specialists to discuss any digestive health issues. We carry a number of unique strains specifically selected for their ability to target all 3 sections of your digestive tract for maximum impact to help you and your loved ones enjoy less digestive distress and a stronger immune system.

Natren's highly efficacious probiotic products come with an unmatched 90-Day100% Purchase Price Money Back Guarantee.

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