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The Facts about FOS

Fructooligosaccharide, known as FOS, or inulin, is an ingredient often associated with probiotics – many probiotic manufacturers highlight it as a benefit of their product.  At Natren, we have grave concerns about the use of FOS, and we believe a little more education is needed. Firstly – what is FOS?  It is a simple carbohydrate that is non-digestible by humans.  It is also used as an artificial sweetener.  It occurs naturally in plants such as asparagus, garlic and the Jerusalem artichoke, although it is more often chemically synthesized for commercial use.  It is often used within probiotic formulas as a…. [Read More…]

Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar, or glucose, is the body’s main fuel source.  The digestive system is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat to create glucose, and a complex system of hormones is responsible for maintaining blood sugar within a tight range.  Too much blood sugar is referred to as hyperglycemia, and if prolonged, can lead to damage to the brain, retina, kidney and cardiovascular systems.  Too little blood sugar is called hypoglycemia, and means that the body does not have enough fuel to operate, which can also result in damage to the brain and other critical systems. The body has…. [Read More…]

Probiotics Make You Happy!

Much has been written about the physical benefits of probiotics.  We know that they are great for aiding digestion, helping keep your body in balance, and even for nourishing the outside of the body too.  But what about the mind?  Can probiotics also be good for your emotional wellbeing? Well, it turns out that they can help.  A study by the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles was recently published in the journal Gastroenterology.  In the 4-week study, 36 women were split into 3 random groups.  One group was given regular milk products twice daily.  The second…. [Read More…]

Health Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and once again, we find ourselves struggling to find the perfect gift for Dad!  On Father’s Day, we show our appreciation for Dad and the role he plays in taking care of the family.  At Natren, we feel that this is the perfect opportunity to give him something that will help him take care of himself. There are two products in our probiotic range that are ideal for Father’s Day gifts: Jourdan’s Probiotic Aftershave Lotion – Just as our probiotic supplements help take care of your body from the inside, we also have a…. [Read More…]