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The Second Brain

It’s an intriguing idea that what lays in your gut influences how you feel and even how you think. Believe it or not your gut is embryologically related to your brain – meaning that from the very beginning, as the body is forming, the gut and brain have similar origins. Once they’re fully developed, they relay information back and forth, keeping the brain informed of what’s going on in the gut and vice versa. So complex are the nerve complexes in the gut that it’s sometimes referred to as the “second brain.” Doctors call this network of gut nerves the…. [Read More…]

Natren Presenting at Brain Solutions 2013 Conference

We are pleased to announce that world-recognized probiotics scientist and Natren founder, Natasha Trenev, will be a guest speaker at the Brain Solutions 2013 conference in Vancouver, BC. We asked Natasha why she is particularly excited about this conference – here is her response: “In the 1980’s Natren formulated a unique and powerful probiotic product, later producing it in a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade facility.  My husband, Yordan Trenev, and I did this because we were convinced that probiotics are the most important health concept of the 21st century. Natren is an innovator whose mission is to provide unique and valuable…. [Read More…]

Establishing the Digestive System – The Early Years

When babies come into the world, their intestinal tract is free of bacteria. It’s at the time of delivery that a baby’s gut is first colonized with bacteria from the mom. A number of factors influence the type of bacteria that make their home in a newborn baby’s intestinal tract. One such factor is type of delivery. During a natural delivery, a baby is in contact with intestinal and vaginal flora from their mother, making direct colonization easier. During cesarean deliveries, the first contact a baby has with bacteria is not from mom but from the outside environment. This can…. [Read More…]