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Taking Control of Irritable Bowel Issues

A significant percentage of the population experiences gastrointestinal symptoms that are severe enough to make their life unpleasant, symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or abdominal cramping. Estimates are up to one out of five people are troubled by these symptoms. Some people experience them on a daily basis – at work, at home, at school, at social events and are inconvenienced and embarrassed by them. Many have sought medical attention and may have undergone a few x-rays or procedures to find out what’s wrong – and nothing was found. That’s the nature of functional bowel symptoms, you can’t always…. [Read More…]

Back to School – Keeping the Kids Healthy

Back to school time means kids spend more time in close quarters with other kids where they’re exposed to the latest “flu” bug or virus that’s floating around. This adds up to an unhappy child, missed days from school, and missed work days for Mom or Dad. It’s impossible for kids to completely avoid exposure to infection-causing organisms, even if they wash their hands regularly and stay away from other children that are sick. Fortunately, kids have a natural defense against infection – a healthy immune system. What is immunity anyway? A child’s immune system consists of a complex network…. [Read More…]

Over Indulgence: Alcohol and Probiotics

It happens to most people at one time or other – they eat too much or indulge in too much alcohol and don’t feel well the next day. If they drank too much alcohol, they may be hung over with a headache, an upset tummy and fatigue that make it hard to crawl out of bed. Not a pleasant scenario, especially if they have to be somewhere the next day. Interestingly, bacteria that live in the gut may impact how quickly a person recovers from “tipping the bottle” too much. Here’s why. There are a number of reasons people feel…. [Read More…]

Safe Travels With Probiotics

It’s summer, that great time of year when we bask in the sunshine and take some well-earned vacation in the sun.  However, much as we love the sun, our friendly probiotic bacteria do not handle the transition to warm temperatures so well. We have often stressed the importance of keeping probiotics cool, ideally in a refrigerator.  There is a good reason for this – heat kills most bacteria, and since probiotics are living bacteria, heat is not their friend.  However, some probiotic manufacturers would have you think that their product does not need refrigeration, but the laws of biology apply…. [Read More…]