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Exercise for Life

If there’s one lifestyle habit that pays off with big returns – it’s exercise.  Exercise improves cardiovascular health and reduces the risk for health problems ranging from type 2 diabetes to certain types of cancer. It also helps to preserve lean body mass and bone health as you age. Plus, it makes it easier to avoid another growing health problem – obesity. So why aren’t more people exercising? Sometimes the toughest part of an exercise program is simply starting, but once you start you’ll feel and see the difference. Are you ready to enjoy the health benefits of an active…. [Read More…]

“The Chopped”: A Delicious Approach to Healthy Eating

By KC Kahn – Blogger at The Kitchen Chopper Let me introduce you to a great healthy eating concept called The Chopped!
 All Chopped “balanced meals in a bowl” start with a base of green veggie goodness. Kale, Arugula, Spinach, and/or Romaine are just the beginnings of the nutritious functional foods you can deliciously incorporate into your day! The Chopped is a “Full Balanced Meal in a Bowl”.  I take all the components of a nutritious meal, chop them and bring them together with a delicious, homemade, healthful dressing that’s a delivery system of enormous antioxidant flavor.  I suggest eating The Chopped…. [Read More…]

Do Probiotics Relieve Occasional Constipation?

Let’s face it. Constipation is an annoyance and an inconvenience. In fact, constipation is the most common complaint related to the digestive tract – and one that becomes more common with age. A number of lifestyle habits contribute to the problem of constipation – eating a low-fiber diet, not drinking enough water, medications and lack of physical activity – but there’s growing evidence that gut bacteria play a role too. What evidence is there that gut bacteria are linked with constipation? Some research shows that people with chronic constipation have a different composition of bacteria in their gut than people…. [Read More…]

Five Powerful Tips for Healthy Aging

Each person ages at a different rate. We’ve all seen people who looked surprisingly youthful at an older age. How fast we age has something to do with genetics, but lifestyle is a big factor too. According to a new field called epigenetics, even if you have genes that predispose to aging more rapidly, lifestyle can reduce expression of these genes – so what you do or don’t do matters. Need some tips for staying healthy as you age? Get Moving It should come as no surprise that exercise tops the list of healthy aging tips. After the age of…. [Read More…]