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Probiotics and your Natural Defenses

Your digestive tract is not only responsible for breaking down and absorbing the food you eat – it also acts as a barrier against foreign substances, including undesirable bacteria. Most people are surprised to learn that 70% of their immune system lies in their intestinal tract – but this shouldn’t be surprising at all. After all, your digestive tract is one of the main entry points for harmful substances and bacteria. That means there has to be safeguards for making sure these undesirable microorganisms can’t take up residence in your gut or be absorbed into your blood stream. That’s where…. [Read More…]

Probiotics for Pets and Animals

There is a growing appreciation for the health benefits of probiotics for both adults and children, but did you know that probiotics are also important for  the health of our furry family members? Holistic veterinarians have been supporting their animal patients’ gastrointestinal health with probiotics for pets and livestock for years. As in humans, the gastrointestinal tract of an animal is home to a diverse population of beneficial bacteria that help maintain general health and wellness. The proper balance of healthy bacteria is very important to dogs, cats, horses, livestock, and even birds. A pet with a healthy, well functioning…. [Read More…]

Making Your Foods Functional with Probiotics

Last week we highlighted the importance of having probiotics in your diet to create a healthy gut flora balance, and also ensuring that when you do consume probiotics, they count and deliver the benefits that you are expecting. We call these “functional foods”. A functional food is one that provides health benefits, not just nutritional benefits. Classic fermented functional foods such as sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt are often praised for their probiotic benefits, but many times they fall short of their potential – both from unhealthy additives, but also, because the type of bacteria strains within the product may not…. [Read More…]

Probiotics In Your Food: Do They Deliver The Benefits?

Probiotics are starting to get the widespread recognition they deserve as a functional part of a healthy diet, and like anything that gets consumer attention, a mass of commercial products have hit the market boasting probiotic benefits. But how effective are these products really? And do they deliver the benefits that they promise? Why the Emphasis on Probiotic Foods? For generations, the world has enjoyed a diet of “real food”.  This has been unprocessed, naturally occurring goodness, some of which has included traditional fermented foods that are high in probiotics. Today, real food is hard to come by – processed…. [Read More…]