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How Our Food Supply is Changing

Just like everything else in life, things they are a changing!  The food we eat today is very different than what we may have eaten a century ago. One hundred years ago, people ate more whole and fermented foods rich in nutrients and grown and raised with fewer or no pesticides. These days, when you buy produce at the grocery store, unless it’s organic, it probably been genetically-engineered and very likely heavily sprayed with pesticides. Packaged foods are no better because many of their vitamins, minerals and fiber that may have been removed during processing and replaced with artificial colorings,…. [Read More…]

Shelf Stability – The Big Hoax

As scientists expand their understanding of how probiotics benefit gut health and digestion, the market for these products is expanding. While it is exciting to see the benefits that probiotics deliver being embraced by an increasing majority, not all probiotic supplements are created equal, and some manufacturers are making misleading claims that sound good on paper, but result in a less effective product with reduced benefit to the consumer. Some probiotic products claim to be “shelf stable,” the USDA states that shelf stable products are those that are safely stored at room temperature and do not require refrigeration. Room temperature…. [Read More…]

Healthy Holiday Food Surprises

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year not only to enjoy the traditional meals, treats, and specialty dishes with your family, friends, and colleagues, but also to try brand new recipes. If you’re going to consume mass quantities of food this holiday season, why not make them healthy ones! Here’s a look at some traditional holiday ingredients that can instantly become the focal point of new healthy food surprises this season. Cranberries Cranberries are an absolute essential during the holidays, but the best part of these delectable berries isn’t even the delicious taste they bring to your table,…. [Read More…]

6 Tips for Winter Weather Skincare

As winter sets in and the temperatures dip, exposure to the elements starts to take a toll on your skin – especially if you live in some of the colder, drier areas of the country. Colder weather means less humidity, so the air dries your skin and suddenly your lips are cracking and your cheeks are chapped. Staying inside doesn’t help either because indoor heaters only add to the dryness. So, how do you take care of your skin and keep that healthy glow all year round? Here are a few ways to help protect your natural exterior from the…. [Read More…]