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Chinese Medicine and Digestive Health

On January 31st 2014, we say goodbye to the Year of the Snake, and welcome the Year of the Horse. We wish all of our customers a happy and healthy Chinese New Year. It is interesting to take a look at traditional Chinese medicine, and see the similarities with the principles that underpin our work with probiotics. Our philosophy is that the gut and intestines form a “second brain”, which is strongly connected to our primary brain. Great intestinal health leads to stronger natural defenses, a brighter mood, a healthier body, and fewer digestive issues. Similarly, traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes…. [Read More…]

Choosing a Probiotic, A Buyers Guide (Part 2)

Here at Natren, we obviously believe that we have the best probiotic on the market! We also believe that everyone should make intelligent decisions about their health, especially knowing exactly what they are putting into their body. So rather than just saying how great we are, here are some of the key things to look for when selecting any probiotic. In our last article, we discussed the state of regulation amongst probiotic suppliers and the importance of verified potency. This time, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key things to look for when selecting any probiotic Potency…. [Read More…]

Choosing a Probiotic, A Buyers Guide (Part 1)

The word “Probiotic” is used to describe a large number of different foods, supplements and drinks. As a consumer, it can be difficult to get to grips with these products, how effective they are, and which ones offer value for money and deliver on their promises. Probiotics are classified as Dietary Supplements by the FDA, and not as Drugs. This different level of regulation means that specific claims to treat or cure illnesses cannot be made. Instead, we see many probiotic brands escalating their marketing campaigns with claims of large numbers of (largely unverified) strains, trying to make their product…. [Read More…]

Back on the Healthy Eating Track: Post Holiday Eating on a Budget

By KC Kahn Hi, friends and fans, I’m KC – the Kitchen Chopper.  I blog about my Healthful Eating Concept – The Chopped – at Best of intensions aside, the holidays wreak havoc on our budgets and waistlines.  Something about this time of year. Don’t over-think it.  Parties, shopping, a busy workday – our smart habits go by the wayside.   ‘Tis the Season.  I can help you get back on track with two words…The Chopped. The Chopped is a healthful eating concept I created that shows you how to make budget-friendly meals using only chopped ingredients in proper proportion. …. [Read More…]