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Probiotics and Chocolate – The Perfect Combination?

Sometimes a piece of news comes along which sounds too good to be true, like a glass of red wine being good for your health. Well, that happened again last month at a meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), where a study was presented showing that not only is dark chocolate good for your health, but the reason it is so good for you may be due to our friend, the humble probiotic. Now that’s news that we like to hear! Scientists have for a long time believed that chocolate has beneficial properties, but have never been quite sure…. [Read More…]

Earth Day: Think and Act Organically

Today (April 22nd) is Earth Day, and gives us a fine opportunity to think about our impact on the environment, and equally importantly, the impact of our environment on our health. A few weeks ago, we wrote about our “Inner Ecosystem” and highlighted the importance of organic foods. This time, we’d like to focus on what organic food really means, and what makes it so special. Historically, all food was organic. Crops were farmed by hand, and later by machine. Meat was a smaller part of our diet, and animals were raised in an open environment with a natural food cycle….. [Read More…]

Infant Gut Care

Our children today are born into an environment that is substantially different than nature has provided for centuries. We now live in a world where food is more sterile and often genetically altered, antibacterial products are everywhere, and infants are introduced to processed foods at an earlier age. All this takes an increasing toll on the fragile makeup of a newborn’s digestive system. Our digestive system is established in the very early years – in fact, by the time an infant reaches the age of two, the “microbiota” (the name given to the array of bacteria in the gut that…. [Read More…]

World Health Day

Today (April 7th) is World Health Day – a day set aside to recognize the fine work of the World Health Organization (WHO), and an opportunity to highlight specific health focus areas. Through a process of education and inter-governmental action, the WHO has been progressively tackling worldwide health issues and raising health awareness for 66 years. Each year, the WHO focuses on a theme slogan and this year, it’s vector-borne illnesses – those transmitted by mosquitoes, bugs and ticks that are largely associated with sub-tropical region, but with the rapid and increased movement of people and goods around the world,…. [Read More…]