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Healthy Living for Women

Staying healthy is it high on your priority list? What could be more important than a healthy mind and body? Some women ignore their health when they’re young, assuming they’ll always have it, but you lay the foundation now for good health later on. It’s never too early to begin taking care of health, especially if you plan on starting a family later on. Not cultivating healthy lifestyle habits prior to pregnancy puts you at greater risk for pregnancy-related complications. Lifestyle habits make a difference – not smoking, using alcohol only in moderation, exercising, eating a healthy diet and maintaining…. [Read More…]

Family Wellness

The month of May has been declared “Family Wellness Month”. The first thing we ask is – why only a month? Of course, these designated “months” are a great opportunity to draw attention to a particular cause – and this is one that is particularly worthy, and we have dedicated our company to fulfilling. Family wellness means wellness inside and out for everyone. Obviously, as a probiotic manufacturer and supplier, we have a huge focus on digestive health for the entire family – from our Life Start products for infants and expectant mothers, through to our Healthy Start powders, which…. [Read More…]

Truth in Labeling: Regulation of Probiotics – Part 2

[If you are looking for Part 1 of this story, you can find it here] Did you know that you can launch your own probiotic product line with no scientific experience whatsoever? No measurement of effectiveness, no study of how the bacteria interact with each other, and no study of potency through to consumption by the consumer. Well, you can, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it: 1) Secure sufficient funding to place a commercial sized order 2) Gather a marketing team to create tantalizing taglines like “Now with 20 probiotic strains to boost your digestive health” 3)…. [Read More…]

Truth in Labeling: Regulation of Probiotics – Part 1

We rely a lot on regulatory authorities to help ensure that products we consume are safe and good for us. We depend upon the FDA to make sure that drug manufacturers are properly regulated and their products are safe, and we trust the USDA to keep our food safe and adequately labeled, so we know exactly what we are eating, and that it too is safe. For instance – you may have noticed small labels on fruit & veg at the grocery stores – sometimes stuck to the produce with impossible-to-remove glue! Well, those labels have a 4 or 5-digit…. [Read More…]