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Why Men Need to Be Proactive about Their Health

A 2012 survey about men and how they handle their health shows 63% of men see their doctor when they have “prolonged, severe pain.” At the same time, most of the men surveyed said they wanted to live a long life and stay healthy well into their eighties. Over a third of the men surveyed said they visited a doctor only after their significant other pressured them to do so. Obviously, men WANT to be healthy but aren’t always taking the necessary steps to stay that way. You’ve heard the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound…. [Read More…]

Celebrating Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a chance to show gratitude to dear old Dad.  Where would you be without him? It’s a time to sit back and think about all your father has done for you over the years and what he means to you. Chances are your dad was a provider and a protector that the family looked to for guidance and support. Times have changed and your dad may not fit the mold of “Leave it to Beaver” dads of the past who wore a tie and a hat to work, worked a nine to five job and then sat…. [Read More…]

The Push for Required GMO Labeling

It’s easy to read the label of a product and find out what’s in it – whether it contains additives or preservatives – but if you want to know whether the ingredients have been genetically engineered, you’re out of luck. There’s currently no labeling requirement for products made with genetically-modified ingredients, or GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are animals or plants that have had their DNA, the genetic material that codes for their most fundamental characteristics, altered. What’s the purpose? To produce plants and organisms with some survival, yield or nutritional advantage – resistance to pesticides for example. GMOs aren’t proven…. [Read More…]

Rise Of The Superbugs

Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic, penicillin, in the late 1920s. This momentous discovery marked the beginning of the “antibiotic age.” No longer were humans defenseless against harmful bacteria that cause life-threatening infections. This rather fortuitous discovery essentially changed the course of medical history. Antibiotic literally means “life killing.” That’s exactly what antibiotics do – they destroy the life of bacteria without harming the host. The discovery of antibiotics was undoubtedly one of the greatest triumphs of the twentieth century – but, now, less than one-hundred years later we’re fighting a different battle – the emergence of the superbugs. What…. [Read More…]