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Living With A Compromised Food Chain

Humans need to eat – of that there is no doubt. Through the ages, we have evolved from hunter-gatherers to consumers, with a migration away from subsistence and farming our own foods, to a dependence on others to provide our nourishment. For the most part, this has worked well and has allowed our society to evolve – except for one important fact: We have lost control of the food chain to major corporations, whose interests may not completely align to ours. Food for People and Profit The main reason that artificial agricultural chemicals and GMO crops were developed was to…. [Read More…]

Probiotics, Household Products, and Snake Oil

Probiotics have become one of the more fashionable buzzwords in the healthy living community – and for good reason. True probiotics offer a host of notable benefits, particularly for healthy digestion and strong natural defenses. Lately though, many consumer products are boasting the label of “probiotics” without being rooted in fact or function. A true probiotic is a living bacterial culture that has been identified by scientific research to provide health benefits. As well as being alive and active, a product must contain a certain amount of probiotics to be effective, and those bacteria strains have to be the right…. [Read More…]

Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Before Getting Pregnant

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to become pregnant. Probably the last thing on your list of priorities is seeing your dentist – but maybe you should reconsider. An interesting body of research finds a link between bacteria that live in the mouth of a mom-to-be and a higher risk for pre-term delivery. It might seem farfetched that mouth bacteria could have any effect on pregnancy but some research suggests otherwise. Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and Children’s Hospital have been busy sequencing the genes of bacteria from the placentas of babies born at full-time and…. [Read More…]

How a Healthy Digestive System Can Help You Lose Weight

There is no doubt that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will help you lose weight – both in terms of calories in vs calories out, and the nutritional value of your food. But did you know that the type and variety of bacteria in your gut plays a huge part in the effectiveness of any weight loss plan? Scientists have discovered links between the diversity of the bacteria in the gut of athletes, compared to control groups of non-athletes of both low BMI (Body Mass Index) and high BMI. Generally speaking, a higher BMI equals more fat. They…. [Read More…]