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How Digestive Systems Change with Age

Just like every other system in the body, our digestive system changes as we age. Our digestive system, and therefore our natural defenses, becomes more susceptible to changes in our diet, environment, and medication as we enter our golden years. Up to 40% of older adults have one or more age-related digestive symptom each year. Problems like bowel inactivity and occasional acid reflux are all more common in older adults and previous research has shown that around age 60, there is a significant drop in the number of probiotic beneficial bacteria, specifically bifidobacteria in the gut. Because the digestive system is…. [Read More…]

Is Your Water Safe?

Hydration is important – especially as we experience the hottest months of the year. There’s no argument that everyone should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, but is all water created equally? We have been conditioned to believe that bottled water is more pure, tastes better, and is all-round healthier for us, but are there any facts to back this claim up? Or is this just marketing tactics by water bottling companies?  Read on and judge for yourself. In recent years, several studies have been released proving that bottled water may not be everything that it is claimed…. [Read More…]

Managing Gastrointestinal Discomfort Through Diet

If you suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) problems, you’re not alone. GI issues affect up to 20% of the population and are more common in women. The symptoms vary from mild and manageable to life disruptive. Despite the inconvenience of having these symptoms, they are generally not life threatening, and in many cases can be reduced by diet and probiotics. Some concerns of gastrointestinal problems include occasional gas, bloating, cramping, constipation and loose stool, and they can be triggered by, or worsened by, stress and dietary factors. Stress is a factor you don’t have complete control over, BUT you do have…. [Read More…]

How Breastfeeding Can Help Start a Baby’s Digestion on the Right Track

It’s no secret that breastfeeding provides a whole range of benefits for both the baby and mom. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month this month, we explore the link between breastfeeding and a baby’s digestive health and development. Through scientific research, we now understand that breastfeeding can have a tremendously positive impact on a baby’s digestive system – particularly if the mother is aware of how her diet and supplements affect the breast milk. In the early stages of life, babies are heavily dependent on their mother to populate their digestive system with beneficial bacteria to build healthy gut flora….. [Read More…]