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Probiotics and Blood Sugar

When your doctor takes a blood sample, one of the things they usually test is your blood sugar level to make sure your body is correctly regulating the amount of glucose in your bloodstream. Usually, most doctors will require that you fast before a blood test because when you haven’t eaten anything for a few hours, your blood sugar usually falls within a narrow range, thanks to a hormone called insulin that regulates it. Doctors will use the fasting blood test to establish a baseline to determine if the amount of glucose in your bloodstream is within normal limits. When…. [Read More…]

Where has your energy gone?

Life is hectic. We are all stretched thin from work, family, and keeping up a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the day, we are often left wondering where our energy has gone. We end up reaching for stimulants and other products to help us get through the day, but is that the best method? There could be a better, longer lasting way to boost energy. The human body is actually built to produce energy. We just need to give it the tools it needs to produce energy so that we can live life to the fullest. Natural Sources of…. [Read More…]

What Are Probiotics Anyway?

We obviously talk a lot about probiotics here because probiotics are ALL that we do. But what exactly are probiotics anyway? To start, it helps to understand that the world is populated by billions and billions of tiny microbes – or microscopic organisms. These microbes make up a large majority of larger life forms and have symbiotic relationships with plants, animals, and humans. Symbiotic literally means “together living” or a close and mutually beneficial relationship between two different species, in this case bacteria and humans. There are actually 10 times more bacteria living on and within the human body than…. [Read More…]

5 Superfoods for a Super You

“Superfood” is one of those buzzwords you’ve likely heard recently. On the bare bones level, a superfood is a food that offers multiple health benefits when consumed. Integrating these foods into an overall healthy diet can be valuable to anyone looking for an extra boost. While the list of so-called superfoods is growing, there are a few staples that are readily available, offer a host of benefits and that most people will enjoy. Here are five superfoods to try and the benefits they offer: 1. Kale Kale is experiencing a renaissance currently. What used to be used to line the…. [Read More…]