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Probiotics & Vitamin Production

If there’s one thing that impacts how healthy you are and how you look and feel, it’s the food you eat. Food supplies your body with energy, but it’s not just protein, carbs and fat from your diet, but “micronutrients,” like vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals aren’t just a nice-to-have part of your diet – they’re essential for life. Micronutrients are what help your body carry out chemical reactions you need for mental and physical health. Your body cells do not have the ability to produce vitamins, with the exception of Vitamin D which can be produced by some…. [Read More…]

Probiotic Stability & Survivability

In the world of probiotic supplements, not all are created equal – a fact that sadly requires a lot of consumer education to comprehend. Sometimes product labels aren’t entirely accurate, and in some cases, they are completely false. This is why it is so important to understand the nature of the supplements you are taking, to ensure that they are delivering the goodness that you expect. One of the critical elements of probiotics is survivability – this is the ability for the probiotic bacteria specified on the label to make it alive, not only from the manufacturer to the consumer,…. [Read More…]

Introducing Natren Gy-NaTren – Dual-Action Homeopathic and Probiotic Preparation for Feminine Health

At Natren, we have always advocated a natural, holistic lifestyle; encouraging the use of natural products, organic foods and seeking to avoid man-made hazards like GMOs. This month, we are excited to introduce a new formulation of Gy-NaTren for feminine health care. Gy-NaTren is a natural approach to vaginal health for managing yeast overgrowth and restoring balance to the female ecosystem. It is specifically intended for women who wish to avoid traditional chemical-based approaches. The new Gy-NaTren dual-action vaginal health kit includes a 14-day supply of two separate bottles, one with homeopathic vaginal capsules and a second bottle containing oral…. [Read More…]

Looking Healthy From the Inside Out

One of the first things you notice about happy, healthy people is the glow they all seem to have. That inner light they radiate has a lot to do with how their skin looks and feels. You can get that healthy glow by nourishing your skin from the inside out. After all, your skin is the one part of your wardrobe that is with you every day, all year round. So give your skin the attention it deserves by giving it the nutrition and hydration it needs. With a little attention to your inner health, you can get that glow…. [Read More…]