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Probiotics for Pets

If you’re a pet owner, you understand the joy a companion animal brings to your life. Of course, you want the best for your pets. In many ways, dogs and cats are a lot like us. They suffer from some of the same health issues that humans do, including arthritis, cancer, obesity and diseases of the heart, digestive tract, liver and kidneys, and they’re also prone to digestive issues. As any pet owner who’s come home to “surprises” left on the carpet can attest to, dogs and cats can have temperamental digestive tracts. And we’ve all heard stories about the…. [Read More…]

Introducing Natren Life Start Vegan Probiotic for Infants and Expectant Mothers

Natren is pleased to announce the latest addition to its Life Start line of infant probiotics. Life Start Vegan is a unique dairy free probiotic powder for infants, toddlers, expectant and nursing mothers containing the vitally important strain of bacteria – Bifidobacterium infantis.  Over the years, the health food industry has seen an increased demand for dairy free probiotics for sensitive infants and children.  Supplementing with Natren’s Life Start Vegan provides infants with that first line of defense for their tiny, immature gastrointestinal tract, ensuring them with the best start to a long and healthy life. Natren has selected this unique…. [Read More…]

Why Should a Healthy Person Take a Probiotic Every Day?

You eat a healthy diet of mostly whole, unprocessed foods most of the time, exercise and feel pretty good. You pride yourself on making the right decisions about your health and preventing health problems before they happen. Congratulations! You’re off to a great start.  Since you’re eating a healthy diet, you may wonder why you should take a probiotic supplement every day. Why would a healthy person like you really need the advantage that gut-friendly bacteria in probiotics offer? Bacteria are Everywhere Even if you eat a healthy diet, you don’t have complete control over the bacteria that enter your…. [Read More…]

PPI’s, NSAIDs and Probiotics

It’s not just antibiotics that disrupt the harmony of your intestinal tract, two classes of commonly prescribed drugs: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) do too. Chances are you’ve taken a NSAID to reduce pain or ease inflammation in the past. These medications are even sold over-the-counter for relief of muscle aches, headaches and for temporary relief of minor sources of pain. PPIs are prescribed for relief of acid reflux and overproduction of stomach acid and to lessen the digestive side effects of NSAID. Once thought to be relatively benign, recent research shows NSAIDs are linked with…. [Read More…]