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There’s Nothing Fishy about Probiotics

The benefits of probiotics have been flooding the news for several years, but it’s not been until fairly recently that we’ve started to read about their many benefits in the animal kingdom. Last month, we wrote how scientists discovered that by supplementing Panda Bears with probiotics, they ate significantly less of their staple bamboo diet. This is a tremendous finding especially when bamboo is scarce, as it not only helps them to better adapt to their environment, but also potentially saves them from extinction. Another really important article was published even more recently on probiotics being fed to salmon and…. [Read More…]

Can Our Gut Microbiota Affect What We Choose To Eat?

Next time you have a craving for a donut or cookie, don’t blame it on a lack of will power, but on your gut bacteria. Inside the walls of your intestinal tract lie trillions of bacteria that need nutrients and energy to survive and that energy comes from the food you eat. Some research suggests these bacteria, which have their own interests in mind, play a role in the type of foods you select. It’s not so far-fetched when you consider your gut is paved with nerves, as many as 100 million nerve cells, which feedback to your brain, and…. [Read More…]

Fun with Homemade Yogurt: Our Favorite Toppings, Tips & Recipes!

Yogurt is one of the most well known functional foods and often associated with probiotics, but unfortunately, not all yogurts will give you probiotic benefits. Many yogurt manufacturers pasteurize (heat) the yogurt after the cultures are added; they do this to kill potentially bad bacteria, but unfortunately it kills the good bacteria as well. In addition, many of them contain more sugar and artificial preservatives than a Twinkie (!!), and then there’s the problem with all the sweeteners and flavors that have been added. You’ll be happy to know there is a healthier and easy alternative – you can make…. [Read More…]

The Appendix Is Useful After All!

Useless Leftover? Or Beneficial Storehouse? For many years, evolutionists believed that the human appendix was a vestigial organ, a remnant of something that was once much larger and lost as the species evolved, and that it did not serve any clear function. The appendix was seen as an essentially useless leftover of human evolution. Most of us don’t seem to give it any thought unless it becomes blocked or inflamed. This is known as appendicitis and the only remedy is surgical removal. For the thousands of people who have had their appendix removed, they’ve not experienced any negative health consequences.  …. [Read More…]