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How Gut Health Affect Skin Health

With so much focus on keeping our hearts, brains, and other organs healthy, let’s not forget about the importance of caring for the largest organ in the human body – the skin. Your skin is the organ that separates you from the outside world and acts as a selective barrier to keep toxins and harmful microorganisms out. If you’re like most people, you do the standard things like cleanse your skin and apply moisturizer but those work on the surface of your skin – what’s going on at a deeper level that could undermine the health of your skin? Skin…. [Read More…]

Natren’s Supernatant Advantage – What is a Supernatant?

With so many different brands of probiotics on the shelves, or in the refrigerated section of your local health food store (which is where a quality probiotic should be stored), it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. At Natren, we try to educate our consumers on the key questions they should be asking when choosing a probiotic. We talk a lot about the importance of keeping the beneficial bacteria alive through the whole journey, from our manufacturing facility in Westlake Village, CA, to your digestive system. Outside your body, that means cold transportation and refrigeration. Inside your…. [Read More…]

Was the Human Genome Project a Success?

In 2000, President Bill Clinton announced that the first draft of The Human Genome Project was finalized, and the findings were going to “revolutionize the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of most, if not all, diseases.” The Human Genome Project was an international, collaborative research program whose goal was to identify, or sequence, the genetic blueprint, of human beings, understand the genetic roots of common diseases and seek treatment. While the original goal was to sequence all three billion chemical units in the human instruction set, mapping the entire genome was far too costly for the technology available in 1989 –…. [Read More…]

Don’t Fall for the Fall

As soon as the kids have gone back to school, it doesn’t seem like much time passes at all before it’s Halloween, then it’s Thanksgiving and before you know it, the Christmas Holiday season is upon us. Hey just a minute, where did the year go? Every year, we go through the same routine, yet every year we put ourselves through the same stress. All that rushing around, making sure everyone’s happy, content and well-fed, just to do it all over again next year. We say we’re not going to do it again this year, but we do. The holiday…. [Read More…]