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Refresh in the New Year with Probiotics for Liver Health

With all its delicious decadence, the holiday season can be tough on the body. Hearty celebrations, rich food and the occasional libation are especially challenging for the liver, which is responsible for removing toxins from the body. After the holiday binge, New Years is the perfect time to make a fresh start. While it may be tempting to try a harsh cleanse or an aggressive diet, these approaches can be shocking to the system. Fortunately, there is a safer way to cleanse the system and improve the health of the liver, using our good friends: Probiotic Bacteria. Probiotics are live…. [Read More…]

I Took My Probiotics. I’m in a Great Mood.

You’ve heard us say that we’re made up of more bacterial cells than human cells. In fact, our gut is host to tens of trillion bacteria, and scientists are discovering more and more every day about the link between our brain chemistry and the bacteria in our gut. What you might not know is that our gut actually has a brain of its own – the enteric nervous system (ENS), and it’s often referred to as our second brain. No – it doesn’t actually work like the one in our head, but our brain and our gut are interconnected by…. [Read More…]

Best Probiotics

We think Natren makes the best probiotics, here’s why: Natren’s Super Strains Natren only uses powerful super strains of bacteria. These strains are scientifically documented in numerous published research articles. To be a super strain, the probiotic must be isolated, identified and proven beneficial to human health. In addition, Natren doesn’t use any ingredients produced by biotechnology and, as a result, uses only naturally occurring strains with no artificial genetic manipulation. Our strains have repeatedly shown to be safe, without producing significant side effects, even when administered in large amounts. Scientifically Correct Bacterial Counts for Each Strain Probiotic supplements should…. [Read More…]

Can Honeybees Benefit from Probiotics?

It’s been a while since we mentioned probiotics in the animal kingdom, so to BEEgin the New Year, we want to let you know about an exciting project taken on by a team of 20 engineering and science students who spent their summer developing a probiotic for honey bees, which they’ve coined “pro-bee-otic”. Honeybees pollinate more than $15 billion worth of crops in the U.S. every year and similar to some of the animal topics we’ve written about, they’re dying off in alarming rates. It’s alarming because we rely on the honeybees for our food. According to the USDA, one…. [Read More…]