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Vaginal Health and Probiotics – Women, Let’s Talk!

Ladies we all have a vagina, yet many of us are too embarrassed to talk about it. We don’t discuss it with our friends, our partners, and we’re often embarrassed to say the word vagina to our doctor. In this day and age, it’s so difficult to believe how we approach women’s health. Let’s face it, if we’re not comfortable with our own bodies, avoiding treatment when something’s wrong downstairs, can have serious implications for our overall health. Overcoming the Taboo How do we overcome the taboo and take charge, not just for ourselves, but our daughters and granddaughters when…. [Read More…]

Organic Farming and Pesticides

The biggest growing sector of the food market by far is organic food, and while for many years it was considered a lifestyle choice of just a small group of consumers, it has now proven to be a mainstream lifestyle choice. Organic foods like produce, meat and dairy that used to be only available in health food stores or farmers’ markets, are now sold in most retail chain supermarkets. However, while there are numerous reasons to eat organic foods, organic farming does introduce some new concerns too. The Truth about Organic Pesticides Many of us think that organic food is…. [Read More…]

Can Your Future Children be Affected by Your Diet Choices Today?

Your diet choices today could affect members of your family who have not even been born yet. A recent study suggests that, while changing your diet today can help your body recover, a poor diet over the course of several generations can forever alter the digestive tract of your descendants within three or four generations. This means your great-grandchildren can suffer negative effects from what you eat today. Results from a Stanford University School of Medicine study suggest low-fiber diets, like those commonly consumed in the United States and other industrial societies, can result in health problems that you can…. [Read More…]