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Fun Ways to Introduce More Fruits & Veggies to Your Kids

School is out and the kids are home and hungry, what are you going to feed them? You want your kids to have a healthy relationship with food, but you also want them to enjoy life. The USDA dietary guidelines suggest half of their plates be filled with colorful fruits and vegetables, and that can lead to mealtime battles and lots of tears. Your job is to teach them that fruits and vegetables are just as fun as burgers and fries. The obsession with healthy eating starts at a young age and lasts a lifetime. You can encourage that progression…. [Read More…]

Caesarean Born Infants and “Vaginal Seeding”

Vaginal seeding, a controversial new trend in childbirth, may help restore “good bacteria” in babies born by Caesarean section. Babies born vaginally have higher amounts of good bacteria which some scientists believe help protect babies from developing certain diseases when they grow older. Now some researchers are investigating methods to transfer a mother’s microbiota to her baby if it’s born by Caesarian. Caesarean section is now the most common operating room procedure in the United States, according to a February 2014 release from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Doctors deliver nearly one-third of all babies by Caesarian,…. [Read More…]

Understanding the Human Digestive System

The human digestive system has a unique design that uses mechanical and chemical processes that turn the food a person eats into energy and nutrients the body can use for energy, growth, and cell repair. The process of digestion has many stages in which several organs, tissues and body systems work together to achieve an end goal – in this case, breaking down large, complex molecules into smaller pieces for distribution and use throughout the body. Digestive system organs fall into two main groups: the alimentary canal and accessory organs. Measuring up to 30 feet in length in the average…. [Read More…]