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Gut Microbiota and Chronic Fatigue

It’s all in the gut or that is what medical science is starting to realize. Every person on this planet hosts a unique and diverse community of microbes known as the gut microbiota. One of the most important discoveries made in medical science is how critical the gut microbiota is to health. That understanding has revolutionized how scientists see disease progression and outcomes. What you don’t have in your gut is just as important as what you do. Recent studies suggest that lack of diversity may impact everything from weight to your risk of chronic illness. It’s still unclear how…. [Read More…]

Could Probiotic Covered Seeds Help Conserve Water?

Research shows that most organisms rely on an ecosystem of living bacteria to thrive, but what about plants? If you assume that plants need healthy bacteria to grow, then what effect would probiotics have on crops? That is a question that a startup company called Indigo thinks it may have answered. This Boston-based AgTech (Agricultural Technology) group is harnessing nature to optimize the health of critical crops. Welcome to the world of probiotic-covered seeds. What are Probiotic-Covered Seeds? Probiotic-covered seeds are a product created by Indigo. The goal is to use the power of microbes to allow plants to thrive…. [Read More…]

The Nutritional Science Behind The Biggest Loser

As one of the most popular shows on television, The Biggest Loser provides viewers with inspiration and motivation for losing weight, but is the dramatic weight loss based on good nutritional science? Not really. Nutritional science now suggests that people who try to lose massive amounts of weight quickly may be doing more harm to their bodies – and their waistlines – than good. The Biggest Loser is Not Your Regular Diet At the beginning of each season, 16 contestants weigh in. The contestant who loses the least weight each week leaves the show. Whoever loses the most weight at…. [Read More…]

Microbiota of Remote Amerindians Reveals Antibiotic Resistance: What does this mean for us?

What happens when you move the study of gut microbiota out of the first world to look closer at more traditional societies like the remote Amerindians? Individuals that eat, drink and breathe in the United States or Europe are exposed to Western medicine, processed foods and industrial toxins. The Yanomami Amerindians, an isolated Amazonian tribe, do not have the same contact with outside influences as people living in more developed areas of the world. How does this isolation affect gut microbes? That is the question an international group of scientists set out to answer. First Contact There had been no…. [Read More…]