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Tips for Dealing With All That Halloween Candy

Halloween is a sweet time of year, no doubt, but what are you going to do with all that candy? You want your kids to have fun this season and candy is part of that, but it is also a good time to teach them about eating responsibly and paying attention to their health. As with most things, good planning and a little moderation are key. Think ahead and find ways to manage the candy overload, so everyone has a good time this Halloween. Schedule Your Trick or Treating Right Getting your child ready to go out and trick or…. [Read More…]

Blue Zones: Longevity and Health From Around The World

The Blue Zones is one of the most interesting longevity studies performed on a global scale. Author, and National Geographic contributor Dan Buettner set out to discover why certain areas of the world had an unusually large number of centenarians (people aged over 100). What was it about these locations that caused people to live longer lives, and what can we learn from that and apply to our own lifestyles? Dan and his team identified 5 specific regions that demonstrated exceptional longevity among the population: Ikaria, Greece: An island in the Aegean Sea, has one of the world’s lowest rates…. [Read More…]

Pumpkin Everything!! Eat up These Healthy Pumpkin Facts

There is more to love about fall than changing leaves and spooky decorations, especially if you are a fan of all things orange and spicy – as in pumpkin spice. Nutrition experts will tell you that pumpkin season is truly a time to celebrate. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and even delicacies like pumpkin seeds come packed with nutritious goodness. The versatility of the pumpkin makes you wonder why we only celebrate it once a year, especially since it is grown on every continent in the world except Antarctica. The U.S. alone produces 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins each year. For…. [Read More…]

Do Americans Really Pack on the Pounds During the Winter? And What You Can Do About It

With fall comes Halloween candy and Thanksgiving Day desserts, and then soon after it’s the season of holiday cookies and New Years Eve smorgasbords – does all this add up to extra pounds during the winter months? While it is true most people do see the number on the scale rise thanks to binge eating during the holidays, it’s not the five or 10 pounds you might think. What is the real story behind winter weight gain and what can you do about it? What You Need to Know About Obesity Americans are overweight and it’s not all about winter…. [Read More…]