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7 Simple, Healthy and Warm Winter Snacks to Kick Off 2017

The holidays are over – now it’s time to kick your new year off right with healthy eating in 2017! Did you know that the average American gains 0.4 percent of their body weight within ten days after Christmas? This means a 150lb person could gain more than a half pound in just ten days – and this is on top of 0.2 percent weight gain during Thanksgiving. What’s worse is that holiday foods tend to be very high in sugar, fat, cholesterol and empty calories. Add a few drinks, the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and the stress of…. [Read More…]

Refresh in the New Year with Probiotics for Liver Health

Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixings, Christmas cookies and liquid holiday refreshments at those late night parties – how could you resist? Everything tasted so good at the time but now you feel bloated, tired, and a little polluted from all the merriment. Your poor liver feels used and abused from everything it has been through the last two months, which makes the New Year the perfect time for you and your liver to get a fresh start on health. Detoxification helps remove toxins and unhealthy substances from your body, especially in your liver. While full body flushes…. [Read More…]

More Evidence Supporting Probiotic Benefits for Athletes

Probiotics provide a variety of benefits, especially for digestive health, for everyone who takes these supplements. A new study shows that probiotic supplementation can help boost the immune system in athletes and reduce their risk of upper respiratory tract infections. We’ve written about some of these benefits in a past blog, and research continues to support this idea. Scientists have known for years that athletes are at great risk of infection while training for competition. Training schedules, lack of sleep, exhaustive exercise, stress, and travel associated with competition can increase an athlete’s risk of getting sick. Athletes are eager to…. [Read More…]

New Research Indicates Probiotics May Benefit Alzheimer’s Patients

Decades of research show that probiotics are good for your health – especially your digestive tract – but a new study shows that these beneficial live bacteria may also improve cognitive function in humans. In fact, probiotic supplementation may even benefit patients with Alzheimer’s disease. As many as 5.4 million people have Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in the United States, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. AD is primarily associated with cognitive dysfunction but research shows an association between Alzheimer’s disease and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Probiotics and the Gut-Brain Axis The gut-brain axis…. [Read More…]