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Probiotics Could Help Improve the Incidence of Diarrhea in Dog Shelters

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, estimates there are over 6.5 million animals in U.S. shelters, a good number them are dogs still looking to find that forever home. A common problem for these would-be pets is stress-related colitis and diarrhea that comes with it. It’s a digestive issue directly associated with the shock of their new surroundings. Even once they get a new family and home that stress can continue until the dog settles into the environment. A number of studies, including a recent one published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, found…. [Read More…]

Dad’s Health Can Impact Babies Too

On Father’s Day, when you spend time thinking about all dad brings to the family, consider one more fact: paternal health is critical to having a healthy baby. As a society, we tend to see mom as the primary focus in the health of a developing fetus, especially when it comes to nutritional factors like vitamin D intake, but studies show that dad’s health plays a significant role, as well. Dad’s vitamin D status prior to conception may contribute to having a baby that develops into a strong and fit child. What You Should Know About Vitamin D Vitamin D,…. [Read More…]

When is the Best Time to Take Probiotics?

We often get asked when is the best time to take a probiotic – morning, evening, before or after food. Taking probiotics at any time is better than not taking them at all, of course, but taking probiotics at the right time can optimize the health benefits of this supplement. Staying on a regular routine can be difficult for some people, as hectic lifestyles can make it hard to do anything at the same time each day. Other people take so many medications that they simply add probiotics to the handful of pills they already take, with little regard as…. [Read More…]

No Need To Be A Pro Athlete To Train Like One!

You may never be a professional athlete but you can train like one. Besides raw talent, one of the biggest differences between pros and amateurs is their approaches to training. The professional approach to training helps pros blast past plateaus and attain super-human athletic goals. Fortunately, you can borrow from the pros’ training book to learn how you can power through workout plateaus and achieve your personal fitness goals. Steps To Training Like a Pro Prepare Want to train like a pro? Take a SMART training approach that focuses on: S – Specific areas to improve performance M – Measurable, quantifiable…. [Read More…]