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Halloween can be a lot of fun, for kids and adults. First, there are the costumes. Many families make a project out of this and actually make their own. If not, store bought costumes are easy to find and offer a huge range for all interests. This is your chance to be whomever you want.Then there are the parties. Some schools even have Halloween parades, which may just be the cutest thing ever. Adult Halloween parties can also be quite entertaining, especially with themed food and treats. Candy Is Not Dandy And then… there is the candy. Bags and plastic…. [Read More…]


From the moment we bring them home, our pets become members of the family. Obviously it is much easier to hug a dog or cat and feel a special bond with them than it is a goldfish, but animals of any kind bring much joy and happiness to our lives. We would do anything for our animal kin. Safe And Secure October is National Animal Safety And Protection Month. Perhaps it is not ironic that it is also Emotional Wellness Month. If our pets are not doing well it can take a huge emotional and mental toll on us, as…. [Read More…]


Most of us get an annual check up and physical, but what about our emotional well being? When we feel mentally off, it can affect us physically. And when we are physically unwell, it can affect us mentally. It creates a rather vicious cycle that can keep us spinning in a seemingly endless circle. Stressed Over Stress Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, but can become a much bigger issue for some, and take a huge physical toll. If we are suffering from sleepless nights with worry and concern, that means we are missing out on the…. [Read More…]


Distracted Days Have you ever seen two teenagers sitting next to each other and not saying a word, both busy on their cell phones? Or even worse, a couple on a date where instead of paying attention to each other, they are glued to their phones and in their own worlds. Actual phone calls and letters have given way to texts and emails. Adults are not ones to talk. How many of us drive and text and justify it with voice recognition? Even a phone call while we are in the car can be dangerously distracting. We are so preoccupied…. [Read More…]