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Reducing Fungus While Adding Probiotic Bacteria – A New Approach to Fungus Overgrowth?

Since Louis Pasteur first performed formal experiments that determined the relationship between bacteria and disease, researchers have learned a significant amount of information regarding the role that harmful pathogens play in the development of diseases. They have found that bacteria living in the gastrointestinal tract, known as the gut microbiota or gut microbiome, have a significant effect on the health of their host. Beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics, can restore bacterial balance in the gut, prevent and treat diarrhea, improve mood, support weight loss, promote immune function and more. Now some researchers are turning their attention to fungi in the…. [Read More…]

Exercise May Positively Change the Makeup of Bacteria in Your Gut

Exercise can positively change the makeup of the bacteria in your intestines no matter what you eat, according to the results of a new study. The researchers conducted the first trial in mice to test the hypothesis that exercise modifies the bacterial profile of the gut, even without changing what the mice ate. The team published the findings from this first study in the medical journal, Gut Microbes. The scientists performed fecal transplants from 10 mice that had undergone exercise for six weeks to germ-free mice. The mice receiving the transplants showed significant differences in the composition of bacteria in…. [Read More…]

Who Loves Chocolate More – You or the Beneficial Bacteria Living in Your Gut?

You may have always loved chocolate for its decadent, creamy flavor and celebrated the news that chocolate may be good for you. You may not know, thought, that the bacteria living in your gut also enjoy chocolate and actually help you reap all the health benefits some of the chemicals in chocolate have to offer. Cocoa beans contain about 380 chemicals, ten of which are those psychoactive compounds that make you feel so good when you eat chocolate. Cocoa beans also contain polyphenols, which are healthy micronutrients in certain plant-based foods. Cocoa beans are chock full of polyphenols – and…. [Read More…]

PRObiotics vs. PREbiotics – What You Need to Know

Many people do not realize that their bodies play host to tens of trillions of bacteria and that the microorganisms living inside them play a big role in human health. Some of the bacteria, viruses, yeast and other microorganisms can cause ill health. Probiotics are living microorganisms that, in adequate amounts, can provide a health benefit to the host. All living organisms, including the microbiota living in the gut, need food to survive. Probiotics living in the gut consume carbohydrates. They get these carbohydrates, known as prebiotics, from the food the host eats. Most, but not all, prebiotics are a…. [Read More…]