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Probiotics & Cholesterol

Are probiotics able to balance cholesterol in the human body if a person has eaten too much red meat or high cholesterol forming foods during his/her life for a period of time and now suffers from high cholesterol? Do probiotics help balance out this kind of high cholesterol? These are questions that we are often asked as people become more aware of their health and longevity. So, how do probiotics balance out excess cholesterol in the human body? Well, scientists discover new health benefits associated with probiotics every day. Now researchers think probiotics can support the body’s own natural cholesterol-reducing mechanisms….. [Read More…]

If Probiotics are so Good for us, Can They Benefit Plants too?

It’s well established at this point that beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, are good for humans and animals. Can these beneficial bacteria be good for plants too? Researchers think so. Scientists discover new human health benefits imparted by probiotics every day. Now they think probiotics can benefit plants. In fact, supplementing plants with probiotics may even help feed the world someday. Global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, according to the United Nations. Feeding all those hungry mouths will be a tremendous undertaking in the future, considering 795 million people do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active…. [Read More…]

4 Simple Ingredients for a Healthy, Probiotic Filled St. Paddy’s Day Smoothie

Green is the Theme this time of year, so we thought we’d liven up the St Patrick’s Day celebrations with a real live drink – literally! This probiotic smoothie is packed full of live beneficial bacteria – great for maintaining a robust & healthy digestive system, and even providing a helping hand if the traditional festivities get out of hand. The Recipe It doesn’t get any easier than this – you’ll need a blender, and the following ingredients: 2 cups of spinach leaves 1 banana 1 medium to large carrot ¾ cup of Natren Yogurt (or the healthiest store-bought natural…. [Read More…]

Probiotics to Tame Your Hangover

Who among us hasn’t suffered from an overactive elbow, throwing back a few too many libations? Nearly everyone who drinks alcohol has overdone it at some point and has suffered the consequences of “brown bottle flu” the next morning. You may know a few tricks for feeling better, such as drinking a lot of water and sleeping it off, but you may not know that the bacteria living in your gut can also make you feel better. It’s true! A number of factors influence how well you recover from hangover symptoms: the amount you drank, the type of liquor, drinking…. [Read More…]