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A New Craving: Taking Two Supplements During Pregnancy May Reduce Allergies In Future Generations

If you suffer from allergies, you know how aggravating and even debilitating they can be. Moreover, certain allergies pose very serious health risks. There are seasonal allergies to things like pollen, reactions to chemicals, produced materials like latex, and allergies to animals or food. Allergic reactions to nuts can be deadly for some and has forced many schools to become “nut-free” zones. The list is enormous and can also include dust, smoke, and even down comforters and pillows. Allergy sufferers know all too well the symptoms that come with specific allergies. Reducing these allergies, and eventually eliminating them, if possible,…. [Read More…]

Come On, Get Happy! Probiotics Shown To Reverse Depression Symptoms In Mice

Depression, stress, and anxiety are huge problems these days. It can be overwhelming. It is estimated that around 7% of the American population experiences at least one episode of depression in their lifetime. Moreover, if that depression does not subside and lingers, things can get worse very quickly. While medications may help with the symptoms, they are not without their side effects. As discussed in other articles, these prescription drugs can have many unintended consequences and can wreak havoc on the gut. They can alter gut diversity and change the gut microbiota. Ironically, the side effects can cause discomfort, digestive…. [Read More…]

No Horsing Around – New Research Shows That Probiotics May Benefit Horses

We can learn so much from animals, including the effects of certain foods and ingredients on their digestion, and on their general health and well-being. For any animals that are members of our family, we take a very specific and personal interest in making sure they are healthy and happy. Horses are fascinating animals, stoic and magnificent. While many of us may not own horses, let alone race and sports horses, some new studies and information should be of particular interest. HOW HORSES DIGEST High-performance horses have high-energy demands, and this is often achieved by supplementing their diets with cereal…. [Read More…]

Using Probiotics to Manage Autoimmune Responses

The immune system protects the body against foreign invaders that cause illness. Through a series of steps, the immune system launches an all-out attack on dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. In autoimmune disease however, the immune system attacks healthy cells by mistake. Doctors currently prescribe treatments, such as steroids, to suppress the immune system. Now medical researchers are investigating the benefits of using probiotics to manage autoimmune responses. Probiotics are bacteria that provide health benefits to their host. Many of these probiotics live in the gut alongside unhealthy bacteria that cause disease. In a healthy gut, probiotics help keep…. [Read More…]