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Who Else Has Been In That Cookie Jar?

Know Where Your Food Is From And Where It Has Been There are real pleasures in strolling a farmers market, or even the produce aisles of a grocery store. The sights and smells all tantalize the senses. Touch is also important in order to determine the quality and freshness. However, if we are all doing that, think about all the other people that may be doing it, too. That is a lot of different hands touching your fruits and vegetables. Knowing exactly where your food comes from is a big thing these days. Foodies like specific information, and the more…. [Read More…]

The Truth In Labels

Transparency… Honest labeling… Presenting the consumer with accurate information. How is this even a question? It seems like a no brainer and is certainly not too much to ask for, but for years it was almost impossible to find out basic information on foods and supplements. Now consumers have a much easier time getting the information they need. Knowledge makes for better decisions and creates confidence in the consumer. Shout It Out Loud One would think that when you make a superior product, you would want the world and your customers to know everything about it, and certainly everything they…. [Read More…]