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The Kombucha Kraze

From home brewing kits to the refrigerator aisles of major supermarkets, kombucha is one of the newer health crazes on the market. It seems like every company is making one, and they can be found everywhere. Entire refrigerator sections are dedicated solely to kombucha these days. Once you walk past the huge array of cold brews and coffee drinks, and then iced teas… Boom! The question is, is kombucha healthy? Kombucha – What Is It Exactly? Actually, the first question should be, what is kombucha? So let’s start with that. Kombucha is a fermented, effervescent drink that is pushed as…. [Read More…]

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Probiotics

Traveling is a joy. Experiencing other countries and cultures or even other states is eye opening and such a pleasure. There is so much to see and explore. Whether you are staying local on a “staycation” or traveling the globe, there are many ways to approach travel. How Do You Travel? Some people like to be completely spontaneous and other than booking hotels or house rentals, the entire trip is spur of the moment. There is something freeing about going with the flow, getting recommendations from locals, and staying off the beaten path. Life is a journey. As Yogi Berra…. [Read More…]