Over Indulgence: Alcohol and Probiotics

Anyone who drinks alcohol or has a taste for processed foods risks overindulging now and again. Imbibing in spirits can lead to unpleasant symptoms of a hangover, such as a banging headache, rolling stomach, and whole-body fatigue. Crawling out of bed can be downright unpleasant, especially for those who have somewhere to be the next day. Many an employee has called in sick, claiming they have contracted a stomach bug rather than confessing they have a bad case of “brown bottle flu.” Ironically, the bacteria living in a person’s gut can actually affect how quickly someone recovers from an “overactive…. [Read More…]

Refresh in the New Year with Probiotics for Liver Health

Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixings, Christmas cookies and liquid holiday refreshments at those late night parties – how could you resist? Everything tasted so good at the time but now you feel bloated, tired, and a little polluted from all the merriment. Your poor liver feels used and abused from everything it has been through the last two months, which makes the New Year the perfect time for you and your liver to get a fresh start on health. Detoxification helps remove toxins and unhealthy substances from your body, especially in your liver. While full body flushes…. [Read More…]

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate? Yes, Please!

You probably already understand how important gut microbiota is to your overall health. It is a topic frequently discussed by the media and also by us here at Natren. Microbial diversity is a factor in many common disease processes and weight management but how do you get there? Eating a balanced and nutritional diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps, but is it enough? What about the stuff you eat and drink just for the pleasure of it like coffee, tea or chocolate? Are they taboo in a healthy diet? The answer to these questions may surprise…. [Read More…]

Over Indulgence: Alcohol and Probiotics

It happens to most people at one time or other – they eat too much or indulge in too much alcohol and don’t feel well the next day. If they drank too much alcohol, they may be hung over with a headache, an upset tummy and fatigue that make it hard to crawl out of bed. Not a pleasant scenario, especially if they have to be somewhere the next day. Interestingly, bacteria that live in the gut may impact how quickly a person recovers from “tipping the bottle” too much. Here’s why. There are a number of reasons people feel…. [Read More…]