Hope in a World Full of Antibiotic Resistance – What You Don’t Know May Kill You

The world is headed for an apocalypse but not the kind you see in sci-fi films. Scientists fear the rise in drug-resistant infections is becoming a global health problem. It may indicate a tipping point in the fight again drug-resistance – one that could return us to the age that existed before antibiotics. The medical industry changed the day pharmacologist Sir Alexander Fleming noticed that a fungus produced by the genus Penicillium killed off certain kinds of bacteria. Since that time, researchers have understood that evolution would render antibiotics ineffective at some point. Like all organisms, bacteria adapt to the…. [Read More…]

Microbiota of Remote Amerindians Reveals Antibiotic Resistance: What does this mean for us?

What happens when you move the study of gut microbiota out of the first world to look closer at more traditional societies like the remote Amerindians? Individuals that eat, drink and breathe in the United States or Europe are exposed to Western medicine, processed foods and industrial toxins. The Yanomami Amerindians, an isolated Amazonian tribe, do not have the same contact with outside influences as people living in more developed areas of the world. How does this isolation affect gut microbes? That is the question an international group of scientists set out to answer. First Contact There had been no…. [Read More…]

Are Humans Doomed to Return to the Pre-Antibiotic Era?

Even small infections would prove fatal if we lose the effectiveness of antibiotics – and it very much looks like that is happening. Doctors administer antibiotics to treat serious bacterial infections. At the beginning of the 20th century, pneumonia, tuberculosis and diarrhea were the top three leading causes of death. Now at the beginning of the 21st century, very few people living in developed countries die from these diseases, thanks in large part to the use of antibiotics. Many bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics today, however, and the problem seems to be growing worse. About Antibiotics and Bacteria…. [Read More…]