Fun and Healthy Yogurt-Based Snacks for Back-to School!

It’s back-to-school time once again! While most parents are rejoicing the return of normality to the household, there is the small matter of lunches, snack-time, and after-school treats – how do you keep the kids happy with healthy snacks, and keep it fresh & interesting for them? No surprise, we’re big fans of yogurt here at Natren – not least because for centuries it has been a healthy, functional food, offering a natural way to get some beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. We’ve put together a selection of healthy yogurt-based snack ideas on our Pinterest board for inspiration, and…. [Read More…]

Back to School – Keeping the Kids Healthy

Back to school time means kids spend more time in close quarters with other kids where they’re exposed to the latest “flu” bug or virus that’s floating around. This adds up to an unhappy child, missed days from school, and missed work days for Mom or Dad. It’s impossible for kids to completely avoid exposure to infection-causing organisms, even if they wash their hands regularly and stay away from other children that are sick. Fortunately, kids have a natural defense against infection – a healthy immune system. What is immunity anyway? A child’s immune system consists of a complex network…. [Read More…]