Probiotics & Constipation

Looking For the Best Probiotic For Constipation? Constipation is more than an uncomfortable inconvenience; it can be a sign of some serious health problems including: A toxic gut Numerous types of GI cancer Nerve problems Hormone problems Allowing partially digested food to sit in the body for too long, without normal eliminations, can expose a person to a buildup of toxins. Poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and certain medications can also cause symptoms of constipation. More recent research is bringing light to the imbalances of bacteria in the gut that play a role in constipation and the concept of…. [Read More…]

Do Probiotics Relieve Occasional Constipation?

Let’s face it. Constipation is an annoyance and an inconvenience. In fact, constipation is the most common complaint related to the digestive tract – and one that becomes more common with age. A number of lifestyle habits contribute to the problem of constipation – eating a low-fiber diet, not drinking enough water, medications and lack of physical activity – but there’s growing evidence that gut bacteria play a role too. What evidence is there that gut bacteria are linked with constipation? Some research shows that people with chronic constipation have a different composition of bacteria in their gut than people…. [Read More…]