Blue Zones: Longevity and Health From Around The World

The Blue Zones is one of the most interesting longevity studies performed on a global scale. Author, and National Geographic contributor Dan Buettner set out to discover why certain areas of the world had an unusually large number of centenarians (people aged over 100). What was it about these locations that caused people to live longer lives, and what can we learn from that and apply to our own lifestyles? Dan and his team identified 5 specific regions that demonstrated exceptional longevity among the population: Ikaria, Greece: An island in the Aegean Sea, has one of the world’s lowest rates…. [Read More…]

The Nutritional Science Behind The Biggest Loser

As one of the most popular shows on television, The Biggest Loser provides viewers with inspiration and motivation for losing weight, but is the dramatic weight loss based on good nutritional science? Not really. Nutritional science now suggests that people who try to lose massive amounts of weight quickly may be doing more harm to their bodies – and their waistlines – than good. The Biggest Loser is Not Your Regular Diet At the beginning of each season, 16 contestants weigh in. The contestant who loses the least weight each week leaves the show. Whoever loses the most weight at…. [Read More…]

The Benefits of Probiotics for Athletes

Trillions of bacteria inhabit the human gut. While some of the bacteria are unhealthy pathogens, a large number are beneficial to their hosts. Known as the gut microbiota, these bacteria influence digestion, mood and other aspects of human health. Some of the lifestyle decisions we make can change the composition of the microbiota, for the better, and for the worse. The typical American diet is filled with processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect bacterial colony size and diversity within the body. Many people now take probiotics to help their microbiota overcome these effects. Now there is evidence…. [Read More…]

Starting an Exercise Program Early in Life Shows Benefits to Gut, Brain and Metabolic Health

Whenever we learn of exciting new research on the gut microbiota, it reminds us of the work we do every day, and particularly the positive impact that probiotics have both in the animal kingdom, and mankind. Some of the most interesting research involves the communication between the human brain and our gut. These latest findings offer new perspectives on how we may be able to improve our physical and psychological well being through early childhood physical activity. Seizing the Window of Opportunity A recent study on the gut-brain connection, conducted at University of Boulder, is particularly interesting since it demonstrates that…. [Read More…]