How a Healthy Digestive System Can Help You Lose Weight

There is no doubt that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will help you lose weight – both in terms of calories in vs calories out, and the nutritional value of your food. But did you know that the type and variety of bacteria in your gut plays a huge part in the effectiveness of any weight loss plan? Scientists have discovered links between the diversity of the bacteria in the gut of athletes, compared to control groups of non-athletes of both low BMI (Body Mass Index) and high BMI. Generally speaking, a higher BMI equals more fat. They…. [Read More…]

Probiotics and Chocolate – The Perfect Combination?

Sometimes a piece of news comes along which sounds too good to be true, like a glass of red wine being good for your health. Well, that happened again last month at a meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), where a study was presented showing that not only is dark chocolate good for your health, but the reason it is so good for you may be due to our friend, the humble probiotic. Now that’s news that we like to hear! Scientists have for a long time believed that chocolate has beneficial properties, but have never been quite sure…. [Read More…]

Probiotics In Your Food: Do They Deliver The Benefits?

Probiotics are starting to get the widespread recognition they deserve as a functional part of a healthy diet, and like anything that gets consumer attention, a mass of commercial products have hit the market boasting probiotic benefits. But how effective are these products really? And do they deliver the benefits that they promise? Why the Emphasis on Probiotic Foods? For generations, the world has enjoyed a diet of “real food”.  This has been unprocessed, naturally occurring goodness, some of which has included traditional fermented foods that are high in probiotics. Today, real food is hard to come by – processed…. [Read More…]

Back to School – Keeping the Kids Healthy

Back to school time means kids spend more time in close quarters with other kids where they’re exposed to the latest “flu” bug or virus that’s floating around. This adds up to an unhappy child, missed days from school, and missed work days for Mom or Dad. It’s impossible for kids to completely avoid exposure to infection-causing organisms, even if they wash their hands regularly and stay away from other children that are sick. Fortunately, kids have a natural defense against infection – a healthy immune system. What is immunity anyway? A child’s immune system consists of a complex network…. [Read More…]