Patriotic, Probiotic, Summer Time Smoothie

If summer means sunshine and ice-cream to you, then let’s take it to the next level this year by going patriotic and probiotic with a summer smoothie. The right mix of sweetness and natural probiotics in a summer smoothie means the whole family has a stronger immune system and happy, healthy guts. Go ahead and hang the flag out this Fourth of July, but be sure to get patriotic with our red, white & blue delicious smoothie, too. Why a Smoothie? Smoothies and summertime are natural bedfellows. It’s the perfect beat-the-heat substitute for sugary ice cream or soda. It cools…. [Read More…]

Making Your Foods Functional with Probiotics

Last week we highlighted the importance of having probiotics in your diet to create a healthy gut flora balance, and also ensuring that when you do consume probiotics, they count and deliver the benefits that you are expecting. We call these “functional foods”. A functional food is one that provides health benefits, not just nutritional benefits. Classic fermented functional foods such as sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt are often praised for their probiotic benefits, but many times they fall short of their potential – both from unhealthy additives, but also, because the type of bacteria strains within the product may not…. [Read More…]