Maintaining an Efficient Digestive Engine

Our digestive organs are very intricate and make up one of the largest systems in our body. If it were removed, it would stretch a staggering 25-30 feet from end to end. In very basic terms, its function is to process the food we eat into smaller molecules and eliminate waste. The digestive process is quite complex, and is a very coordinated effort that begins before we even take a bite. The sounds and smells of food, or even the thought of food, can send signals to the brain to prepare the way for food to enter our digestive tract….. [Read More…]

Why does Thanksgiving Dinner Give You Gas?

When we think of Thanksgiving, some of the thoughts that comes to mind are good food, family, thankfulness, and togetherness.  But, sometimes that togetherness can be a bit uncomfortable if you are prone to flatulence after the Thanksgiving meal. Follow the Natren holiday survival strategy so you don’t become a toxic guest on this glorious holiday? It goes without saying that most of us tend to overindulge and overeat at Thanksgiving.  It’s hard not to when you’re looking at a full table spread of comfort foods like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, casseroles, and pie. That football game marathon won’t be…. [Read More…]

Silent Nights – Getting to Grips with Gas

Passing gas is perfectly normal, although a bit embarrassing when you’re in a public place! The average person produces 400 to 2400 milliliters of gas a day and passes around 30 to 120 milliliters a day.  That’s a lot of gas!  What causes flatulence in the first place?  Several things may play a role such as swallowed air and the breakdown of indigestible carbohydrates, usually fiber, caused by bad bacteria in your gut. If you eat a meal too fast, sip liquid through a straw, drink a carbonated beverage, chew gum or talk while you’re eating, you suck in air…. [Read More…]

The Facts about FOS

Fructooligosaccharide, known as FOS, or inulin, is an ingredient often associated with probiotics – many probiotic manufacturers highlight it as a benefit of their product.  At Natren, we have grave concerns about the use of FOS, and we believe a little more education is needed. Firstly – what is FOS?  It is a simple carbohydrate that is non-digestible by humans.  It is also used as an artificial sweetener.  It occurs naturally in plants such as asparagus, garlic and the Jerusalem artichoke, although it is more often chemically synthesized for commercial use.  It is often used within probiotic formulas as a…. [Read More…]