Can DNA from GMOs be Transferred to Humans?

It’s certainly a scary thought. For years, the food industry has invested billions of dollars into convincing the public that Genetically Modified foods are safely broken down by the digestive system like non-GMO counterparts – yet an independent study claims that this may not be the case. Over the years, we’ve been led to believe that DNA from GMOs-Genetically Modified Organisms-is harmless at the time of being absorbed by the body. Proteins and DNA, they claim, are efficiently digested so by the time they are absorbed into the blood system they are no longer in their original form, but rather…. [Read More…]

The Push for Required GMO Labeling

It’s easy to read the label of a product and find out what’s in it – whether it contains additives or preservatives – but if you want to know whether the ingredients have been genetically engineered, you’re out of luck. There’s currently no labeling requirement for products made with genetically-modified ingredients, or GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are animals or plants that have had their DNA, the genetic material that codes for their most fundamental characteristics, altered. What’s the purpose? To produce plants and organisms with some survival, yield or nutritional advantage – resistance to pesticides for example. GMOs aren’t proven…. [Read More…]