Natren’s Supernatant Advantage – What is a Supernatant?

With so many different brands of probiotics on the shelves, or in the refrigerated section of your local health food store (which is where a quality probiotic should be stored), it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. At Natren, we try to educate our consumers on the key questions they should be asking when choosing a probiotic. We talk a lot about the importance of keeping the beneficial bacteria alive through the whole journey, from our manufacturing facility in Westlake Village, CA, to your digestive system. Outside your body, that means cold transportation and refrigeration. Inside your…. [Read More…]

Four Fun Make-Ahead Yogurt Based Snacks for Back-to School!

Last month we wrote about Fun with Homemade Yogurt: Our Favorite Toppings, Tips & Recipes and how simple it is to make it yourself, not to mention cheaper and much healthier than the store bought versions. We realize not everyone has the time to make it themselves so be sure to read the labels carefully when you’re buying a store bought yogurt, as not all yogurt is healthy. Some of them are laden with sugar and preservatives and goodness knows what other chemicals. If you read our blog How Big Brands Turned Yogurt into Junk Food, you’ll have a better…. [Read More…]