Why Dietary Guidelines Are Changing: Full Fat is Back

When President Dwight Eisenhower had a heart attack in 1955, it changed the way science looked at nutrition. Experts determined that fat was a major obstacle to cardiac health. This hypothesis pointed the finger at fat and meat as the probable cause of heart attacks like the one Eisenhower suffered that day. Since that time, cardiovascular disease and fat have been linked together, especially after clinical research provided evidence that a low–fat, high-carb diet lowers the risk of heart issues. Researchers called cardiovascular disease an epidemic that centered specifically on the amount of fat and cholesterol people ate. They failed…. [Read More…]

Blue Zones: Longevity and Health From Around The World

The Blue Zones is one of the most interesting longevity studies performed on a global scale. Author, and National Geographic contributor Dan Buettner set out to discover why certain areas of the world had an unusually large number of centenarians (people aged over 100). What was it about these locations that caused people to live longer lives, and what can we learn from that and apply to our own lifestyles? Dan and his team identified 5 specific regions that demonstrated exceptional longevity among the population: Ikaria, Greece: An island in the Aegean Sea, has one of the world’s lowest rates…. [Read More…]

Can Your Future Children be Affected by Your Diet Choices Today?

Your diet choices today could affect members of your family who have not even been born yet. A recent study suggests that, while changing your diet today can help your body recover, a poor diet over the course of several generations can forever alter the digestive tract of your descendants within three or four generations. This means your great-grandchildren can suffer negative effects from what you eat today. Results from a Stanford University School of Medicine study suggest low-fiber diets, like those commonly consumed in the United States and other industrial societies, can result in health problems that you can…. [Read More…]

Old Habits Die Hard

The New Year is synonymous with making New Year’s resolutions and if you’re like most of us, you’re determined to make positive changes and improve your life in the coming year. Most of us are very serious about our intentions and determined to see them through, but for the vast majority of us, we have a very difficult time letting go of the old habits. And, we’re full of excuses. Let’s face it; we’re not even sure where to begin when it comes to making a personal change. We tell ourselves that we want to eat healthier foods, start exercising,…. [Read More…]