Probiotic, Gut Health and Blood Pressure

Early studies into beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics, showed the organisms promoted a healthy digestive tract in general. Recent studies confirm these benefits. Other new research show probiotics can positively affect immunity and lower blood cholesterol levels. Now there is evidence that probiotics can help people with high blood pressure. THE DANGERS OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Nearly a third of adults living in the United States currently have high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, increases the risk for developing dangerous health conditions, such as a heart…. [Read More…]

Why Dietary Guidelines Are Changing: Full Fat is Back

When President Dwight Eisenhower had a heart attack in 1955, it changed the way science looked at nutrition. Experts determined that fat was a major obstacle to cardiac health. This hypothesis pointed the finger at fat and meat as the probable cause of heart attacks like the one Eisenhower suffered that day. Since that time, cardiovascular disease and fat have been linked together, especially after clinical research provided evidence that a low–fat, high-carb diet lowers the risk of heart issues. Researchers called cardiovascular disease an epidemic that centered specifically on the amount of fat and cholesterol people ate. They failed…. [Read More…]

Walking for Heart Health

Is walking enough of an exercise for heart health? Today, fitness magazines are filled with vigorous routines designed to get you back into shape, so it may seem like the simple act of walking isn’t enough. There are real advantages, though, to walking over high impact exercises like jogging unless you are training hard for a marathon or some other competitive sport. Consider some ways a daily walk can do the heart some good and reduce your risk of injury at the same time. Why Walk? Any regular exercise is good for your heart, so why choose walking? The most…. [Read More…]

Probiotics for Heart Health

As Valentine’s Day approaches this year, consider ways you can give the people you love the best gift of all – a promise to get heart healthy. February is the month we typically think about those we love, our Valentine’s, and, so it just makes sense that is it is also designated Heart Health Month. After all, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S., according to The Heart Foundation. The good news is it only takes a few well-placed lifestyle changes to improve your heart health. Joining a gym and creating a consistent workout routine…. [Read More…]