Think Local, Buy Locally Grown

Known as the probiotic & health pioneer, Natren is proud to launch the “Locally Grown” campaign, designed to educate consumers about their products and the vast wealth of healthy food options grown right in their community. “With the ‘Locally-Grown’ campaign, we aim to teach local consumers about our probiotics, which are cultivated, manufactured and shipped out of our Westlake Village pharmaceutically-certified manufacturing plant,” explains Natasha Trenev, our founder and President. Other probiotic companies tend to cultivate their products overseas, but that’s not the Natren way. Our facility and all our operations have been located in Westlake Village, California just north…. [Read More…]

Natren Celebrates Its 35 Year Anniversary By Breaking New Ground

Natren has chosen a special way to celebrate 35 years of helping others and serving as trendsetters in the pharmaceutical grade probiotics industry – by opening a new facility to expand our work. Established in 1982 by educator and author Natasha Trenev, Natren remains the leading manufacturer of probiotics worldwide. In fact, you’ll find Natren probiotic products in health food stores throughout the world. As a company, Natren is committed to educating our consumers about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that includes the introduction of good bacteria into the gut through the use of quality probiotic products. To mark…. [Read More…]

Natren Continues Partnership with Autism Hope Alliance

It’s time to #LIGHTITUPBLUE once again to promote autism awareness and a greater understanding and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Every April 2nd for the last eight years businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, homes and even landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Eifel Tower have gone blue to make people more aware of autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects one in every 68 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People around the world will don their blue ribbons in support of research, early interventions and evolving treatments that help these children…. [Read More…]

A Letter from our President & Founder

Dear Friends, I am continually asked why I get so upset when I hear interviews on probiotics or when I see probiotic products on the shelf or advertised on the internet. I get upset because virtually all the individuals who claim to have knowledge of probiotics are ignorant of the probiotic labeling standard that was passed by the entire membership of the National Nutritional Foods Association (which is now the Natural Products Association) in 1989 and further submitted to be read into congressional record in 1995 as our industry’s fiduciary promise to self-regulate. Unfortunately, our industry chooses to ignore the…. [Read More…]