Probiotics and Weight Management: A Promising New Study

Do probiotics have a role to play in weight management? With obesity on the rise, it’s a question researchers are taking seriously. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that one-third of adults in the U.S. are clinically obese and about 17 percent of children. Those are alarming statistics when you consider the health implications that come with being overweight. The medical community is scrambling for answers to the obesity epidemic. While it is still unclear the effect probiotics have on weight management, there is a new study that suggests the right microbes may have anti-obesity benefits. The Epidemic…. [Read More…]

Managing your Health: A Low-Carb Diet

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, begin by looking at the food that you put into your body. Does your diet allow your body to operate with the utmost efficiency, giving you energy, delivering important nutrients to your body, and helping your organs to function properly? When talking about diet and nutrition, low carbohydrate diets quickly bubble up to the top of the list, and are often seen as a way of quickly and effectively managing weight loss. There are good reasons why this works, not least because it encourages us to be smarter and more aware about what…. [Read More…]