Organic Farming and Pesticides

The biggest growing sector of the food market by far is organic food, and while for many years it was considered a lifestyle choice of just a small group of consumers, it has now proven to be a mainstream lifestyle choice. Organic foods like produce, meat and dairy that used to be only available in health food stores or farmers’ markets, are now sold in most retail chain supermarkets. However, while there are numerous reasons to eat organic foods, organic farming does introduce some new concerns too. The Truth about Organic Pesticides Many of us think that organic food is…. [Read More…]

How Our Food Supply is Changing

Just like everything else in life, things they are a changing!  The food we eat today is very different than what we may have eaten a century ago. One hundred years ago, people ate more whole and fermented foods rich in nutrients and grown and raised with fewer or no pesticides. These days, when you buy produce at the grocery store, unless it’s organic, it probably been genetically-engineered and very likely heavily sprayed with pesticides. Packaged foods are no better because many of their vitamins, minerals and fiber that may have been removed during processing and replaced with artificial colorings,…. [Read More…]

The Push for Required GMO Labeling

It’s easy to read the label of a product and find out what’s in it – whether it contains additives or preservatives – but if you want to know whether the ingredients have been genetically engineered, you’re out of luck. There’s currently no labeling requirement for products made with genetically-modified ingredients, or GMOs. Genetically modified organisms are animals or plants that have had their DNA, the genetic material that codes for their most fundamental characteristics, altered. What’s the purpose? To produce plants and organisms with some survival, yield or nutritional advantage – resistance to pesticides for example. GMOs aren’t proven…. [Read More…]

Earth Day: Think and Act Organically

Today (April 22nd) is Earth Day, and gives us a fine opportunity to think about our impact on the environment, and equally importantly, the impact of our environment on our health. A few weeks ago, we wrote about our “Inner Ecosystem” and highlighted the importance of organic foods. This time, we’d like to focus on what organic food really means, and what makes it so special. Historically, all food was organic. Crops were farmed by hand, and later by machine. Meat was a smaller part of our diet, and animals were raised in an open environment with a natural food cycle….. [Read More…]