Tips for Dealing With All That Halloween Candy

Halloween is a sweet time of year, no doubt, but what are you going to do with all that candy? You want your kids to have fun this season and candy is part of that, but it is also a good time to teach them about eating responsibly and paying attention to their health. As with most things, good planning and a little moderation are key. Think ahead and find ways to manage the candy overload, so everyone has a good time this Halloween. Schedule Your Trick or Treating Right Getting your child ready to go out and trick or…. [Read More…]

Caring For Your Inner Ecosystem

Many of us care about the global ecosystem of the planet on which we live. We worry about climate change and the effect that has on the ecosystem of the entire planet. We measure temperature changes relative to “pre-industrialization levels”, because that’s where it all started to change for the worse for the environment: industrialization disrupted the natural balance of the environment faster than nature could recover itself, and the ecosystem was forever changed. But have you every stopped to realize that there is a strong parallel between this global ecosystem, and the inner ecosystem within your body? The human…. [Read More…]

Eating Through the Holidays

The holidays are a chance to give thanks – and eat! Most people overindulge on Thanksgiving. In fact, according to the American Council on Exercise, the average person eats a whopping 3,000 calories when they sit down to the table at Thanksgiving. In practical terms, you’d have to walk almost 13 hours at a moderate pace to burn off the effects of that meal! Since most of us don’t want to walk that long or far, it’s best to practice a little moderation. Fortunately, there are simple ways to cut back the number of calories you eat on Thanksgiving without…. [Read More…]

Over Indulgence: Alcohol and Probiotics

It happens to most people at one time or other – they eat too much or indulge in too much alcohol and don’t feel well the next day. If they drank too much alcohol, they may be hung over with a headache, an upset tummy and fatigue that make it hard to crawl out of bed. Not a pleasant scenario, especially if they have to be somewhere the next day. Interestingly, bacteria that live in the gut may impact how quickly a person recovers from “tipping the bottle” too much. Here’s why. There are a number of reasons people feel…. [Read More…]