Nutritional Supplement Fraud Exposed in New York

Yesterday, the New York State Attorney General’s office demanded that four leading national retailers remove certain brands of herbal supplements from their shelves, citing that the products did not contain the ingredients on the label, and were made up of cheap and dangerous filler materials. You can read the full article in the New York Times here. This has been a long time coming, and is just the tip of the iceberg. We have been warning the industry and the public about fraud in the supplement industry for years. This is an unregulated market with little in the way of…. [Read More…]

Natren Oil Matrix Delivery System

One of the great attributes of Natren that elevates the quality of our probiotics above those of others is the length that we go to in protecting the beneficial bacteria from manufacture to gut for maximum potency and effectiveness. Starting with refrigerated delivery all through the supply chain, through to the Oil Matrix Delivery used in Healthy Trinity to protect the beneficial bacteria as it passes through the stomach. But what is this Oil Matrix Delivery System, why is it necessary, and how does it work? Its primary role is to ensure that the beneficial bacterial survive the acid-bath in…. [Read More…]

Experts Agree … More Is Not Necessarily Better

The quest for more truth and honesty in Probiotics took a great leap forward at the Probiota 2014 conference in Amsterdam earlier this month. Event chairman and renowned probiotics expert Professor Gregor Reid highlighted that little is known about the way different species of bacteria interact, citing evidence that many multi-strain probiotics are less effective than those containing just a few strains, because some strains will inhibit the activity of others when placed together. He warned that “The tendency is ‘let’s have 15 strains’ … ‘let’s have 28 billion’, “You’ve got to know what they’re doing. Are they really having an impact?”. For…. [Read More…]

Probiotics In Your Food: Do They Deliver The Benefits?

Probiotics are starting to get the widespread recognition they deserve as a functional part of a healthy diet, and like anything that gets consumer attention, a mass of commercial products have hit the market boasting probiotic benefits. But how effective are these products really? And do they deliver the benefits that they promise? Why the Emphasis on Probiotic Foods? For generations, the world has enjoyed a diet of “real food”.  This has been unprocessed, naturally occurring goodness, some of which has included traditional fermented foods that are high in probiotics. Today, real food is hard to come by – processed…. [Read More…]