When is the Best Time to Take Probiotics?

We often get asked when is the best time to take a probiotic – morning, evening, before or after food. Taking probiotics at any time is better than not taking them at all, of course, but taking probiotics at the right time can optimize the health benefits of this supplement. Staying on a regular routine can be difficult for some people, as hectic lifestyles can make it hard to do anything at the same time each day. Other people take so many medications that they simply add probiotics to the handful of pills they already take, with little regard as…. [Read More…]

When Bacteria Don’t Get Along: The Multi-Strain Problem

Did you know that your gut is an ecosystem for bacteria? It’s a concept that can get lost when consumers consider the benefits of probiotics. More is not really the point of a successful ecosystem – balance is the objective. When living organisms compete for resources, they must fight to survive. In science, this is known as antagonistic – two or more species fight to thrive in one ecosystem. Bacteria are naturally antagonistic, so when placed in the same system they don’t play well together. What happens when bacteria don’t get along? The Problem with Multi-Strain Products If you were…. [Read More…]

Can Your Future Children be Affected by Your Diet Choices Today?

Your diet choices today could affect members of your family who have not even been born yet. A recent study suggests that, while changing your diet today can help your body recover, a poor diet over the course of several generations can forever alter the digestive tract of your descendants within three or four generations. This means your great-grandchildren can suffer negative effects from what you eat today. Results from a Stanford University School of Medicine study suggest low-fiber diets, like those commonly consumed in the United States and other industrial societies, can result in health problems that you can…. [Read More…]

Best Probiotics

We think Natren makes the best probiotics, here’s why: Natren’s Super Strains Natren only uses powerful super strains of bacteria. These strains are scientifically documented in numerous published research articles. To be a super strain, the probiotic must be isolated, identified and proven beneficial to human health. In addition, Natren doesn’t use any ingredients produced by biotechnology and, as a result, uses only naturally occurring strains with no artificial genetic manipulation. Our strains have repeatedly shown to be safe, without producing significant side effects, even when administered in large amounts. Scientifically Correct Bacterial Counts for Each Strain Probiotic supplements should…. [Read More…]