Probiotic Pumpkin Smoothie

When October hits, everything from your coffee to the air freshener products seems to feature that fabulous orange pumpkin, usually with a little spice. If you’re a fan of this seasonal pumpkin phenomenon then take it a step further with some DIY magic. Few food choices do so much for the body as the basic smoothie. In one drink, you can meet the daily allowance for many vitamins and minerals. The problem is not all smoothies are created equally. There are just as many unhealthy recipes out there for pumpkin smoothies as there are healthy ones. A recipe that calls…. [Read More…]

Patriotic, Probiotic, Summer Time Smoothie

If summer means sunshine and ice-cream to you, then let’s take it to the next level this year by going patriotic and probiotic with a summer smoothie. The right mix of sweetness and natural probiotics in a summer smoothie means the whole family has a stronger immune system and happy, healthy guts. Go ahead and hang the flag out this Fourth of July, but be sure to get patriotic with our red, white & blue delicious smoothie, too. Why a Smoothie? Smoothies and summertime are natural bedfellows. It’s the perfect beat-the-heat substitute for sugary ice cream or soda. It cools…. [Read More…]

7 Simple, Healthy and Warm Winter Snacks to Kick Off 2017

The holidays are over – now it’s time to kick your new year off right with healthy eating in 2017! Did you know that the average American gains 0.4 percent of their body weight within ten days after Christmas? This means a 150lb person could gain more than a half pound in just ten days – and this is on top of 0.2 percent weight gain during Thanksgiving. What’s worse is that holiday foods tend to be very high in sugar, fat, cholesterol and empty calories. Add a few drinks, the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and the stress of…. [Read More…]

Natren Warm Yogurt Recipe Ideas for Winter!

The holidays bring us so many warm treats. Hot mulled wine, warm apple cider, so why not add warm yogurt to your seasonal repertoire? Most people think of yogurt as a dish served cold – but you’d be surprised at the versatility that this staple brings to your table. Yogurt is an ancient functional food, rich in beneficial bacteria, and is super-easy to make at home to ensure maximum freshness and freedom from chemicals, sugars, and preservatives. It can be refrigerated for use whenever you need an extra creamy addition to your meal. Using Natren’s Yogurt Starter you can make…. [Read More…]